Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Improvement Corporation of Geauga County (CIC) is to advance, to encourage, and to promote the industrial, commercial, and civic development of the County in compliance with applicable zoning and other local regulations.

What is a CIC?

A Community Improvement Corporation is a not for profit corporation created by the State of Ohio Legislature for the purpose of advancing economic, commercial, and civic development of a community or area.  The State of Ohio Legislature enacted the ability to form a CIC over forty (40) years ago, and there are over two hundred thirty-five (235) active CIC's statewide.

The Geauga CIC assists business in obtaining Industrial Revenue Bonds.  To date the Geauga CIC has helped over 100 Geauga businesses obtain over $50,000,000 in Industrial Revenue Bonds since its inception in 1963.

If your business or organization is interested in supporting the mission of the CIC, consider becoming a member.